Types of Skip Bin Waste

Skip Bin Waste

To make waste identification easy, we sort them into several categories.

  • General Waste: You can put some household waste, light commercial waste, and household appliances like refrigerators in this bin.
  • Mixed Heavy Waste: In this bin, you may place household waste, garden waste, as well as domestic and commercial waste.
  • Household Waste: Household waste like plastics, basic kitchen items, clothes, shoes, and toys all find a place in this bin. Basic office waste like stationery and papers may go in here as well.
  • Green Waste: Our green bin is where you place light garden waste. Leaves, branches, grasses, and light stems are all grouped in this skip.
  • Brick / Tile / Concrete: Hardfill waste like bricks, tiles, and concrete are collected together in this bin.
  • Dirt / Soil: Dirt, soil, and clay are the wastes put together in this bin. 

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Bin Size

Waste Type

If you don’t find your waste type in any of the categories listed above, you don’t have to worry. Our team will help you decide which group your waste falls.

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Builders Waste

If you’re doing building construction, renovation, or reconstruction work, you need a skip bin from Pro Skip Bin Hire Melbourne. We accept all kinds of light builders’ waste. Bricks, tiles, doors, and glass are common items we get from clients in the construction and landscaping sectors.

Other items we usually find and classify as builders waste are roofing, nails, small pieces of wood, wiring, and metals like steel. Builders waste may also contain hazardous materials like asbestos and lead. These substances are prohibited in our skip bins.

Prohibited Waste

The items listed below are classed as prohibited waste. They are not allowed in any of our skip bins.

  • All kinds of chemicals.
  • All asbestos materials.
  • Food items of all types, whether perishable or not.
  • Rocks, stones, and truck tyres.
  • Large garden wastes like tree trunks.
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